The Art of the Egg

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You always say to start eggs in cold water. Why?

When you let the eggs come up with the water, you get an even cook.  Otherwise, when the exterior is overcooked, the interior will be under done.  Same thing with potatoes.  If you put them in hot water, the exterior will be “Furry” while the center is raw. 

Sometimes my dishes rise beautifully. Sometimes they don't. What did I do?

 You over beat the eggs.  Once the air is out, there is nothing to expand and make it rise. Get your mixture blended, then stop.

Every now and then you don't indicate oven tempurature. Did I miss something?

No, you didn’t. I did. Default is usually 350.  Get to know your oven though.  Mine is a little wimpy so I usually go with 360-370.

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