The Art of the Egg

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Green Eggs & Ham

This is another take on deviled eggs that’s fun, delicious and a little bit of a conversation piece.  We’re combining two favorites, deviled eggs and guacamole, so there is no way to go wrong.

After you correctly boil and peel the eggs, they can chill in the fridge while you start the filling.  First, blend a huge handful of carefully washed cilantro.  Make sure it’s fine enough not to block a smooth stream through the piping bag.

Halve the chilled eggs and scoop out the egg yolks.  Add the cilantro juice, salt, pepper, and a little cumin, as well as lime juice and zest.  Add the flesh of an avocado (they need salt and pepper) and as much mayo as needed. (I like Dukes Mayo and Miracle Whip.)  Once it’s blended smooth, fill a pastry bag with a decorative tip inserted and start filling.  (Invest in pastry bags and tips.  You will never regret it in terms of what you can do with presentation.)  I topped these with a simple cilantro leaf.

Here’s a warning.  Remember we used avocado, so it’s going to oxidize and turn black in about an hour.  So, get everything ready and pipe and serve a la minute.



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